Animations, conferences & catwalk


Leatherworld gets a trends forum and two entertainment areas where you will find:

  • FashionSustain (Booth N048), the incubator that promotes responsible innovation in fashion and textiles through a conglomerate of international keynote speakers that generates multidisciplinary hands-on exchange through conferences, think-tanks…
    They will set-up a shoe showcase which features the companies who speak during FashionSustainParis conferences.
  • The fashion contests organizer Frankfurt Style Award (Stand M047) will give their vision of leather in all its forms, thanks to the wardrobes of haute couture designers and young designers.
    Material-related animations around the eco-responsibility are to be expected!
  • A convivial area will allow you to relax and chat nearby while enjoying a coffe

Do not miss the Leatherworld catwalk show, Wednesday, September 19th at 2.30pm combining synthetic fur with clothing and leather accessories.

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